The perfect family deserves the perfect permanent birth control. The Manhattan Center for Permanent Birth Control offers Essure® as a safe, effective and non-hormonal and surgery-free permanent birth control option for women.

Your Dedicated Provider of Permanent Birth Control Options

Our Commitment to Excellence is Your Peace of Mind

Our team of doctors, anesthesiologists, and nurses are trained to deliver the highest medical standards and compassionate care, based on the model of excellence and kindness set by Ronald D. Blatt M.D. FACOG.

Manhattan’s most experienced facility performing the Essure procedure.

Dr. Blatt is a board certified gynecologist and cosmetic vaginal surgeon. As a premier provider of Essure® procedure in NYC, we have considered every aspect of the process with you in mind. Our attention to detail and patient commitment drives our success.

Although the Essure® procedure can be done without anesthesia, the Manhattan Center for Permanent Birth Control is a certified AAAA surgical center, and offers anesthesia for patients who prefer greater comfort. The option to have anesthesia is appealing for many women who may experience anxiety with medical procedures of any kind. All patients are assigned their own personal billing specialist, and a counselor to answer any and all questions you may have about permanent birth control options.

“Our practice is built on single premise: the highest quality care.”

Ronald D. Blatt, M.D., FACOG
Founder and Medical Director of the
Manhattan Centers for Women’s Health

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